What poblems customers will ask when sample testing?

xfp transceivers may be used in switches, video surveillance, radio and television, medical equipment, etc., In these areas, we must ensure the accuracy and stability of the product.
In the application of electronic products, electronic circuits need to be verified and tested one by one. In large projects and important projects, sample testing are required.Here are some of our clients' questions about sample testing, and we'll answer them in question and answer.
What poblems customers will ask when sample testing?
Q: How to do some simple quality and compatibility tests? What test proposal does your technician have?

A: Regarding the quality test, we will test the products before shipment:

Material testing: Testing the material, such as TOSA, ROSA and BOSA, ensure the quality of product;
Product parameter testing: Testing the module parameters, like output power, sensitivity, extinction ratio and eye diagram, to ensure product quality and stability;
Distance testing: For different transmission distance, our engineer will test the module by different meters of optical fiber,  the customer no worried about loss pocket;

Switch testing: Insert the module on the switch to test the compatibility and its use, to ensure product quality;
Aging testing: The products are tested in the high and low temperature aging box for about 24h. Test the module in high or low temperature to ensure the product quality.
There are two parts of compatibility testing:

Protocol compatibility within the industry: Our product agreement compatibility is in line with industry agreements, such as 802.3ae, SFF 8436, SONET etc;
Company module device compatibility: Our product modules will be tested to ensure good product compatibility. Test equipment mainly has: brand switches, attenuator, oscilloscope, Bit Error Ratio Tester, stabilized voltage supply etc;
Q: What kind of simple instruments and equipment need to prepare?
A: Regarding simple testing instruments, we recommend to purchase the following products when doing simple tests:
Optical power meter --- Testing module general parameters, wavelength and optical power;
Patch cord --- Testing the module work when switching test;
Switch --- The switch recommends to purchase 10G switches, 1G products can also be tested on 10G switches;

Attenuator --- Can buy adjustable attenuator, when modules testing for short distance and long distance, can use adjustable attenuator, reason:
For short distance testing, can be tested without adjusting the attenuator,For long distance testing, attenuation is necessary, attenuate the link loss parameter of the module. To prevent the APD device is broken due to too long distance when module testing, which causes the module unworkable.

Like 1.25G and 2.5G 80km, requires attenuator to attenuate several dB, and then can be tested. Otherwise, the APD device will be damaged, causing the module to be disabled. 

Q: About compatibility, how to ensure compatibility? Will the customer not be able to use or damage the customer's equipment due to compatibility? 
A: As for the compatibility guarantee, the modules have corresponding devices for testing. As shown in the above questions, test each link to ensure product compatibility and quality, such as Cisco, HP, Mikrotik, Alcatel etc;

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