Who We Are

Fiberland Technology Co.,Ltd was established since Sep,2009 in Shenzhen ,which is the biggest economic zone in the P.R.China.
As one of the leading manufacturer & provider for fiber optical equipment,fiberland aims to provide quality and most cost-effective
products to the world.We are also a technology driven company.We design ,develop and produce products with our own innovative
technical team.Based on this big family,we satisfy all the customers from both domestic and worldwide customers.

What We Do

Generally,there're two sections which fiberland mailnly specialized in.Fiber transceivers as well as fiber switches.
Based on over 9 years developing experience of fiber transceivers, now we have various of optical transceiver in our product line,
such as SFP,SFP+,XFP,X2,XENPAK,QSFP,CFP,CFP2,CFP4,Copper transceiver with rate ranges from 155M to 100G .The transceivers we
provide is totally 100% compatible with all brands  equipment,such as Cisco compatible transceiver,HP compatible transceiver,
Juniper compatible transceiver and other over 80 brands compatible products.
Besides,as a traditional product,We are also keeping full series of media converters (mini switch)in our product line.At the end of year 2015,
we developed and launched our PoE switch and industrial switch in order to meet our different customers' needs .
With the years of accummulation,fiberland has expanded its market with more than 40 countries and areas with high reputation.
Fiberland is focusing on providing professional & most cost effective solutions to our customers .Good quality & prompt 24 hours
business reaction will never miss any of your chance.
Come on and join us.Don't hesitate to be a partner of fiberland now!

Fiberland ‘s Growth Process
  • Sep 2009 - May 2012
    Dedicated in market developing and R&D of 155M to 10G transceivers , media converters
  • Mar 2013
    ERP & stocking system was built.
  • Dec 2014
    28G QSFP was launched in the market
  • Feb 2015
    40G QSFP+ SR,LR launched in the market
  • Nov 2015
    PoE switch,Industrial switch launched in the market
  • Aug 2016
    CFP,CFP2,CFP4 was developed,launched in the market