Commitment To Quality

Fiberland Technology Co.,Ltd takes product quality very seriously. Our goal is to deliver you 100% functional network equipment.
Here's an overview of our 4-step network equipment testing process we use at Fiberland.

Physical Inspection

Every of the product is carefully inspected to check for any physical issues that would affect functionality. We inspect connectors,faceplates,
buttons, latches etc.For damage, Some items are rejected outright at this stage, and removed from the product pool.

Functional Testing

At this step ,switches run through their POST (power-on-self-test), Workers will test and monitor its temperature,Tx & Rx ports working parameters,
packing loss test etc.Finally will be put into aging chamber for 8 hours POST testing.
Media converters will be tested through our testing programing to ping the packages.Workers will monitor the Fiber ports Tx power and Rx Sens,
temperature,power supply working status etc. Finally will be put into aging chamber for 8 hours POST testing.
FIber optical transceivers will be tested through different brands equipment directly like Cisco,HP,Juniper,Extreme etc. Workers will monitor and
record the SFP's parameters through switches to make sure it's 100% compatible transceiver.

Cosmetic Refurbishment

Networking equipment that has passed the first 3 steps is wiped clean and dusted. Some casings may be repainted if significant scratches are present.
Fans, heat sinks, and components are blown off to remove dust.


After all ,product will flow to packing aera.Workers will recheck the product appearance,"QC passed" and "Date Of Birth" label will be attached on
the case of the product.Warranty card and Instructions will be put into packing.

100% functional product
In good cosmetic condition
Complete and ready to use
Delivered safely and on time