SFP Transceivers

The SFP Transceivers, i.e. small form-factor pluggable (SFP) Transceivers are compact, hot-pluggable transceivers designed for both telecommunication and data communication networks. These transceivers are multi-source agreement (MSA) compliant and connect a router,media converter or switch to a fiber optic or copper cabled network. SFP Transceivers are designed to support gigabit Ethernet SONET,  Fibre Channel, and other communications ports.The smaller size of the SFP Transceivers are advancement over  formerly prevalent gigabit interface converter (GBIC) transceivers, having all the features of the latter in small size enclosure, that is why; the SFP is sometimes referred to as a Mini-GBIC. Although it is not mentioned in any official specification document, - the maximum data rate of the original SFP standard is 5 Gbit/s.SFP transceivers are available with a variety of transmitter and receiver types, giving users the appropriate transceiver optical data link over the prevalent optical fiber type –multi-mode as well as single mode.SFP modules are commonly available in several different categories: SX, LX, EX, ZX, EZX and many more delivering different data speeds at varying maximum distances.