What is SFP+ Transceiver?

Definition of SFP+

SFP+ is a next-generation, hot-pluggable, small-footprint, serial-to-serial, multi-rate optical transceiver that commonly used in 8.5GbE to 11GbE data communications and storage-area network (SAN). It is a variant of the conventional SFP optical transceiver with enhancement interface defined in SFF-8074i, SFP+ with a similar size of SFP and compliant to SFF-8472 (digital diagnostic interface for optical transceivers) that gives the end user the ability to monitor real-time parameters of the SFP, such as optical output power, optical input power, temperature, laser bias current, and transceiver supply voltage. The SFP+ module is a variant of the SFP optical transceiver.
What is SFP+ Transceiver?
The SFP+ module form factor is around 30% smaller, uses less power, requires fewer components, and is cheaper than the 10-Gigabit small form-factor pluggable module (XFP) form factor, which was already smaller and used less power than the XPAK,XENPAK and X2 form factors. Since SFP+ with a smaller size than older variant XFP optics, that allows greater port density in network equipment.

Types of SFP+

Classified by Applications: SFP+ CWDM,SFP+ DWDM,SFP+ BIDI,Dual fiber SFP+, SFP+ direct attach copper cable (SFP+ DAC),SFP+ active optical cable ( SFP+ AOC)
Classified by Data rate: 8.5Gb/s SFP+,10Gb/s SFP+,16Gb/s SFP+
Classified by Distance: SR for 300m,LRM for 220m, LR for 10km or 20km, ER for 40km, ZR for 80km or 100km.

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