What are the differences between industrial and commercial XFP transceiver?

As a sales of XFP transceiver should know that the operating temperature will influence the parameters of the XFP transceiver. According to the working temperature, there are industrial and commercial XFP transceiver. What is industrial and commercial XFP transceiver? What are their differences?

1. Working temperature
Commercial XFP transceiver: 0~70℃
Industrial XFP transceiver: -40~85℃

2. Application environment
Commercial XFP transceiver: It is the most common and widely used product in the market, such as the machine room.
Industrial XFP transceiver: It is applied in a relatively harsh environment,the  operating temperature difference is large. It’s basic operating condition is that it must meet the temperature requirement of - 40 ~ 85 ℃. Such as remote mountain areas, tunnels, etc..
Application environment

3. Chip withstand temperature
Commercial XFP transceiver: The withstand temperature range of TO-CAN is 0~70℃.
Industrial XFP transceiver: The withstand temperature range of TO-CAN is -40~85℃.

4. Test method
Commercial XFP transceiver: Normal temperature aging, the maximum temperature is only 70 degrees, the ideal operating temperature is 0~70℃.
Industrial XFP transceiver: Need high and low temperature aging test, the maximum temperature is 85℃, the module can work steadily less than 0℃.

5. Temperature compensation software
Industrial XFP transceiver must be imported temperature compensation software, it’s function is to control the stable working current supply of the XFP transceiver. When the temperature changes,the temperature compensation software will play it’s role. 

The technical engineer needs to spend much time to do the temperature compensation. Increase or decrease every 5 degrees(or 10 degrees) as a node to calculate it’s slope. They need to write into to the corresponding IC(chip) of the XFP transceiver after get the result. This work makes the technical engineer have to stay in front of the high and low temperature cycle aging box for a few hours or even longer. The increase in the raw material and the making cost, which is the cause of the high price of the industrial XFP transceiver. The compared pictures of the working current before and after temperature compensation: 
Temperature compensation software
Temperature compensation software

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