Video Optical Transceiver's Development Trend

Video Optical Transceiver as technology continues to be mature and perfect in function and performance are improving. Technology upgrade also reflected in the diversity of the function, such as will provide more rich business interface, battery power alarm, characters, superposition, lightning protection moisture proof, equipment network management, and other aspects, reflects the product promotion for convenient application, with the diagnosis system fault video optical transceiver. Video optical transceiver technology upgrade also reflects in the function modular design, the main function, such as photoelectric conversion, video, data, audio, function module.
 Video Optical Transceiver's Development Trend
With China's urban traffic and the rapid development of the highway construction, equipment requirements of monitoring and control system of more and more is also high, due to the optical fiber transmission bandwidth with big, long distance transmission, anti-jamming advantage has been widely used. The light machine because its many transmission advantage, to add this several years of market demand soared, fiber optic cable to sharply reduce cost, getting to the relatively benign industrial development track. At present, city, city of peaceintelligent transportation, highway, urban rail transit projects is the light of the main market machine.

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