Tunable SFP+ for CWDM Wireless Fronthaul Network

Currently wireless service providers are interested in a DWDM approach over CWDM in their fronthaul networks to improve
their capacity significantly without installing new fiber cables. The existing DWDM approach using fixed-wavelength DFBs
causes high operational expenses (opex), including the inventory cost for DFBs to cover a variety of channels.

polymer-based external cavity tunable SFP+ for CWDM wireless fronthaul network in 2009. Now, tunable SFP+
can reduce opex significantly, since it can be used to support any DWDM channel regardless of the
allocated wavelength via the colorless nature of its tunable laser. Moreover, it supports the plug-and-play operation,
which enables fast, easy, and cost-effective installation and maintenance.
Professor : Very innovative and there is potential market demand. Having low cost tunable lasers for front haul
applications is a problem and this product offers a solution."