SFP Optical Modules In Accordance With The Relationship Between Two Major Classifications Of Differe

SFP optical module form: laser and circuit boards, IC, and external accessories, and external accessories there are shell, cradle, PCBA, griphook, clip, unlock, rubber composition, in order to identify easy to pull colors to distinguish the module's parameter types.
SFP optical modules in different modes can be divided into the following two categories:
SFP Optical Modules In Accordance With The Relationship Between Two Major Classifications Of Different Patterns
Almost multi-mode fibre dimensions are 50/125µm or 62.5/125µm, and bandwidth (optical fiber information transmission capacity) is usually 200MHz to 2GHz. Multimode optical transceiver via multimode fiber transmission can be up to 5 km. Using light emitting diodes or lasers as light sources. Ring color to black or in vitro.

Dimensions of single-mode fiber for 9-10/125µm and compared with multi-mode fiber with unlimited bandwidth and low loss characteristics. Single-mode transceiver used for long distance transmission, can sometimes reach 150 to 200 km. LD or a narrow spectral line of LED as the light source. Pull tab or external color is blue, yellow or purple.

Differences and relations
Single-mode fiber is cheap, but single-mode devices than similar equipment is expensive. Single-mode devices usually can be run in a single-mode fiber, can also be run in a multimode optical fiber, multimode devices only runs on a multimode fiber.

10G module developed from 300Pin,XENPAK,X2,XFP development, realized with size and SFP 10G signal transmission, which is SFP+. SFP, with its small size and low cost advantages to meet the needs of optical device module density from 2002 standard pushed by 2010 have replaced XFP became the mainstream 10G.

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