Oclaro Samples 400G CFP8 PAM4-enabled Transceiver in OFC

The 400G CFP8 leverages Oclaro's EML laser and receiver technology as a means of delivering higher data rates between high-end routers
and optical transport systems. Oclaro will be showcasing a live demonstration of the CFP8 operating with 8 lasers at 50G PAM4 at the OFC
taking place between 19-23 March 2017.

"By leveraging our PAM4-compatible laser technology with our wide-receiver bandwidth capability, we've been able to quadruple bandwidth in
the CFP8, while still maintaining the same size as a 100G CFP2 solution," said Yves LeMaitre, President of Oclaro's Optical Connectivity Business Unit.
"This is a significant achievement that will trigger the widespread deployment of high-bandwidth 400G optical interfaces based on PAM4 that
can address the bandwidth constraints faced by data centres globally today."